Changing your name can cause problems with your mail, and packages.

Changing your name can cause problems with your mail, and packages. Sometimes foreign exchange students relocate to the U.S., and other places around the world for better opportunity, to better their lives, and also to further their educations. Two foreign exchange students from Japan, move into a new set of apartments, and they start to receive mail, the first students name is Jennifer Yao, and she decides to change her name to Jennifer You, and her roommate, whose original name is Katoe Yokohoma, decides to change her name to Kathy Young, so they move into their apartment, and start ordering packages online from various platforms, their apartment number is #220, but they forget to put their apartment number on the address form when they order items online, and they forget to notify the apartment office that they have changed their names to make their names sound more American, so the letter carrier goes to the apartment office to see if the list of names is on their list of current residents, and the apartment office states that they don’t have any residents living at their property by that name, so guess what is going to happen, the items that they paid for are going to be returned to the sender. If your apartment building has a Luxor One parcel locker in their facility, and your name is loaded into a database of the current residents, and you change your name from what the apartment office has on its current resident roster, and you include your apartment number, you could still have problems because your names don’t match up, and with online fraud being at such a high rate, your item could be returned to the sender as well, so if you plan on changing your name it could affect you on receiving both your mail, and packages. How can you fix this? Use your name that you gave your apartment office for verification when you moved in regardless of however long your name might be, it’s your unique name, and include your name inside of your mailbox, this will help your letter carrier be able to deliver your mail, and packages, as well as assist the UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL driver, and other delivery merchants successfully deliver your items that you have paid for online to receive at your current address. Changing your name can cause problems with your mail, and packages. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!