Getting a divorce, and going back to your maiden name!

Getting a divorce, and going back to your maiden name! Divorce, unfortunately it happens, sometimes there’s cheating involved, money issues, or two people who were married just fell out of love, either way, you have to do what’s in your best interest to protect yourself, and your assets. So Johnny Doe, met and married his college sweetheart after one year of dating, and upon graduating from college, they both decided to take jobs in the same city in San Diego, California. Johnny, is in pharmaceutical sales, and his wife Jennifer is nurse at one of the local hospitals in San Diego. Johnny, has a business trip to Boston, and while checking his email, and messages on Facebook, he realizes that the Lyft driver is waiting outside for his scheduled ride to the airport. He grabs his luggage, and rushes out to catch his ride while leaving his computer in sleep mode. Jennifer, wakes up two hours later, and realizes that the computer is in sleep mode, and Johnny receives a message from a young lady that states, “can’t wait for us to spend a week in Boston together!” Jennifer, in disbelief calls a divorce attorney, and screenshots all of the Facebook messages that are exchanged between her soon to be ex-husband. Jennifer wants to know what should she do with her mail since the house is a rental property, so first she must decide who is going to vacate the premises, her, or her estranged husband, Johnny, and if the landlord will allow the lease to be broken. I’m sure that the landlord can understand the process of divorce, but some want the lease to be honored. Jennifer Jones, is her maiden name, so when filling out a change of address, she needs to fill one out individually as Jennifer Doe, and then fill out a change of address in her maiden name individually as Jennifer Jones, because if she checks entire family then Johnny Doe’s mail will be also coming to her new address. Jennifer needs to contact the Social Security Office to fill out the appropriate paperwork to get her maiden name back, as well as changing her driver’s license as well. Anything that she orders auto-ship she needs to contact the logistics provider to inform them of the immediate changes. Jennifer, must also contact her credit card companies in the event that a credit card is sent to her old address, and the ex-husband doesn’t want to return the item. Getting a divorce, and going back to your maiden name!