A friend is ordering packages to our address.

A friend is ordering packages to our address. How often does this happen in the new internet age of ordering packages with a simple click on our smart phone devices? It probably happens more than we would think. The Wilson family has been living at 12900 Applesauce Dr. Charlotte, NC 28130 for the past 3 years, the maiden name of Mr. Wilson’s spouse is Smith, so inside of their mailbox they have mail for only Wilson, and Smith, and no other names is highlighted inside of their mailbox. Fast forward to the present, and the Wilson family has a friend named Rachelle Stallone who travels for her job on a monthly basis, so she orders items from Amazon, and has them sent to the Wilson address in Charlotte, NC. This is an arrangement that all parties approve, but it’s important to update the mailbox with the name of Stallone, because if Ms. Stallone is going to order packages, then more than likely some mail might possibly come to the Wilson home with her name on it, and if the Letter Carrier doesn’t recognize the name in the mailbox, then more than likely the mail for Ms. Stallone, or even packages that she has ordered online could be returned to the sender, that’s why communication is extremely important in the package, and mail business. There should be no problem for a friend to order packages, and have them sent to your address, as long as the homeowner, and the friend have an understanding, as well as keeping delivery personnel in the loop if possible. If Rachelle Stallone decides to cut her travel to Charlotte, NC then she would need to update her accounts where she orders items online, because if she doesn’t update her auto-ship accounts they will continue to point to her friends address in Charlotte, NC, when she actually lives in Burbank, CA. Staying up to date can make a difference when a friend is ordering packages to your address. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!