The misdelivered package, who picks it up?

The misdelivered package, who picks it up? It depends on what the package has listed on it in regards to who possibly delivered it. So if the package has Amazon on it with Amazon’s logo, then more than likely Amazon delivered the item, and that’s who you would need to call to come, and pick up the misdelivered package, the same can be said for a DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS package, and etc., if this doesn’t help then normally you can look at your tracking information, as well as a ping on your smartphone to let you know what company delivered the item, what time of the day was the package left, and normally there will be an email address, or a number that you can call to reach the merchant in the event that a package was misdelivered to your address, depending on the time of the day, it might be possible for the merchant to stop back by your home to pickup the misdelivered package, but with today’s technology customer’s can normally tell where their package was left by calling the delivery merchant in the event that there’s a dispute over if the item was left at your address, GPS technology can pinpoint where exactly was your package was left at, and Amazon normally takes a picture of the package when they leave it at your residence to be able to identify your property with the photo, and in the event that your package might possibly be stolen by a porch pirate, this would be the merchant’s proof that the item was left, before it was stolen. What should you do if you receive a misdelivered package? Call the delivery merchant to let them know that the item was delivered to the wrong address, if it’s not a hassle, and the item is two houses down, and you know your neighbor, why make them wait, take their package to them, if it’s a block down the street, don’t write all over the package with a sharpie, you might smear out their name, and what was once deliverable, has become undeliverable. The misdelivered package, who picks it up? It should be the merchant who delivered it, but sometimes your Mailman will go above, and beyond, and will deliver the item, as a courtesy for you. More than just a blog!