The trailing car could be a sign to lookout for during the holiday season.

The trailing car could be a sign to lookout for during the holiday season. One might ask the question what do you mean by the trailing car during the holiday season? The trailing car follows the UPS driver, FedEx driver, Amazon driver, DHL driver, USPS personnel, or any other logistics provider that delivers packages to residential homes, apartments, condos, townhomes, and etc., where items can be left when individuals, or families aren’t at home, and the item doesn’t require a signature. If you see a vehicle trailing these vehicles, it will be a good idea for people in the neighborhoods to watch for theft, because normally people will look around to see if anyone is watching, and the will go up to the house, and ring the doorbell to see if anyone will answer the door, and normally if there is no answer, they will grab the package, and walk back to their vehicle, as if they live at the residence, normally no one will say anything because they figure that this person is a relative of the resident, but during this time of the year, this is a huge problem, and with Uber drivers being able to deliver parcels for Amazon this can only add to the confusion. One of the best things to have at your home during this time of the year is a camera mounted on your house to aid in potentially catching an individual trying to steal your Christmas presents, or birthday gifts, and etc. One would recommend calling your security company to have a camera mounted so that you can monitor your home while you’re away, or if you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, tell your neighbor to pick up your item, and hold it for you until you arrive. Please be safe, and alert during the holiday season! Happy Holidays to all!