Giving the Nanny permission to use your address.

Giving the Nanny permission to use your address, sounds kind of cliché, but it happens on a daily basis. Some Nannies find it easier to receive mail, or packages from their respective employers address where they babysit, and run errands for the busy professionals, whom they work for. There are problems that can occur though, such as a package requires a signature, and the item is restricted delivery, meaning that only one individual can sign for the item, and it’s the person that the item is addressed to, and it’s the weekend, and the Nanny has the weekend off, or it could be during the week, and the owner of the house has instructed the Nanny to not answer the door no matter who is knocking at the door, including the Mailman, UPS driver, FedEx driver, and etc. The logistics drivers will knock normally to let the owner know that they have a package, but if they continuously knock it’s because the item, or package requires a signature. The problem with the Nanny trying to retrieve a package is their address on the driver’s license will not match the address to the house where they’re working for the owner, and this can be a red flag, because the driver’s license needs to match the address that is on the package, so the employer will more than likely will have to go to the delivery unit to retrieve the item.

Another problem that occurs is when the owner of the residence decides to move, and the Nanny continues to order items from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and etc., but they don’t put in a change of address with the respective owners, nor do they go online to update their accounts, so the items will be returned to the sender, or they even risk being stolen because the Amazon, UPS, FedEx drivers might assume that the name is good at the residence when they have been gone from the residence for more than 1 year. www.iwantmymail.com