This package doesn’t belong to this address.

This package doesn’t belong to this address. How many times do you think that the Letter Carrier that delivers your route hears this? Probably more than we’d like to think, but it happens everyday, around the world, 24/7/365. What should I do if a package, or packages, are left at my house, when the previous resident has moved? The first thing that a resident should do is see if the package has an email address on it, or a cell phone number on it that uniquely identifies the individual who is supposed to receive the package. If there’s an email on the package, you could send the former tenant an email to inform them that a package was left at your residence that belongs to them if it doesn’t inconvenience you. Sometimes residents don’t always move far from where they previously lived, especially in a big city, unless they received a job promotion that had them to move 3 hours away, or had them to move out of state, and in some cases out of the country. If there isn’t an email address, or cell phone number on the package, then the next thing that the resident would have to do is call the company who delivered the package, if its the Postal Service, you can put a sticky note on the package that says, that the resident has moved, and normally the next day the Letter Carrier will pick up the item, and will properly endorse the package once they return to the office. If the package was delivered by UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL, or any other logistics provider, you can’t leave the item outside for them to pickup assuming that they deliver to your residence everyday, you can call them and inform them that a package was left for the former resident, and normally if they have a driver in the area, they will retrieve the package to return it to their respective office, or facility. Leaving a package outside, and writing, “not here,” can cause more problems than anything because if the item wasn’t delivered by the Postal Service, they will not take it, and leaving the item with, “not here,” written in bold black letters with a sharpie can attract porch pirates to steal a package. This package doesn’t belong to this address. More than just a blog!