The right to vote safely during the pandemic, the answer, the collection box.

The right to vote safely during the pandemic, the answer, the collection box. Mail in ballots have become a huge issue now that the tables are set in the upcoming election between President Donald Trump, and his opponent Former Vice President Joe Biden. There have been concerns of there being voter fraud, and dead people mailing in ballots, but if you have people to look at databases one would see that humans who are deceased can’t apply for driver’s license once they’re dead, and they can’t fill out a voter’s registration card once they’re dead as well, because the voter registration card has a box to check if the resident no longer lives at the residence so that the voter’s registration card will be returned in the mail, and if the address isn’t updated by the individual then more than likely the Postal carrier will catch the error, and will return the voter registration card to the sender, but knowing who your resident’s are plays a factor on if the Postal carrier delivers the voter registration card, or returns the card to the sender.
The pandemic has been going on steady in the United States since March, and as deaths continue to mount, wearing a mask, and social distancing will have a major impact on people going to the polls to cast their votes. This election in 2020, will be one of the most important elections in the history of the United States because Americans should have the right to be able to vote safely, and let’s face the facts everyone doesn’t want to stand in line in long polls in a mask to vote, because various humans have health issues, and standing in long lines could cause voters to faint, or pass out due to not being able to breathe inside of a mask for an extended period of time, and when people decide to remove their masks, then there’s the threat of COVID-19, and also in long lines people will not want to separate, and be six feet apart from one another, especially if the come to vote as a family.
What can be done to help to control these long lines, and the threat of COVID-19? The collection boxes that the USPS has sitting out front of the different Post Office’s, can provide a solution because you don’t have to get out of your car to cast your ballot, and if you have trouble finding these blue collection boxes, you can google the locations where they might be located in your city, so that you can safely drive up in your own personal vehicle to cast your ballot during the upcoming Presidential election. Why is this safe? As a voter you drive up in your vehicle, and drop your ballot inside of the blue collection box with the Postal Service emblem on it, and someone from the Postal Service who works in collections, or a Postal employee will come outside of the Post Office to retrieve the mail safely to send off to the plant to get stamped to send your ballot to the appropriate location to count as a vote during the election. If pulling up outside to drop off your election ballot gives you fear of someone attempting to break into a collection box makes you feel uncomfortable then you can pull up to a Postal Service location, and go inside of the building, and drop off your mail in the outgoing mail location that is clearly labeled for letters, and flats, and the time that the box is pulled for collections, so you have two great options to drop off your mail, and to practice social-distancing to avoid the inconvenience of standing in long lines, to avoid the risk of COVID-19.
How do I receive a ballot in the mail to vote? A voter can go to to register the process is simple, it probably doesn’t take no longer than 3 minutes to fill out your information, and the ballot comes directly to your house where you can cast your ballot during the upcoming election. Like anything else regarding mail, and ballots it’s wise to keep your ballot separated from your mail, because you might forget where you put your ballot, and if you wait until the last day trying to find your ballot it might be too late, and all ballots must have a postmarked date on them to count as a vote during the election.
Can the military vote during the election if they’re not in the United States during the election? Yes, the military can, they can fill out an absentee ballot application, and their vote will count in the upcoming election, it doesn’t matter if they’re on a ship out a sea, or overseas in a foreign country, as long as a member is serving in the military during the time of an election they have the right to cast a vote as all eligible Americans, who are citizens of the United States have the same right.
What can be done to improve the voting process? With the advancement of internet technology, people should be able to log-in on their very own computers to vote, software can be setup like at the airport with Immigration, and Customs Enforcement to use biometrics to take your picture to authenticate who you are, when you cast your vote, along with all of your family members who are eligible to vote, and meet the standards, and qualifications to be able to cast a vote. Your internet protocol address will authenticate all members who live at your address, and can be used as a cross reference when you file for a voter’s registration card when you apply for one, and it’s mailed to your home of record.
If the President of the United States can put in a request for a mail in ballot in his state of residence, then all Americans who are eligible to vote should be able to do the same, we’re currently in a pandemic, and every citizen should be able to exercise their right to vote in a safe manner, being smart, and safe, and saving lives during COVID-19.
A fun fact from the USPS: The Post Office Department was founded in 1775 with Benjamin Franklin as the first Postmaster General. His annual salary was $1,000. Before 1971, the PMG was a Cabinet member.
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