The Nanny is using our address to receive packages!

The Nanny is using our address to receive packages! Sounds like a bold statement, but with all of the theft that is occurring with porch pirates watching your house to see if anyone is at home, actually having a nanny that stays at home for the majority of the day, while you, or your spouse is at work is a nice option to have in the event that someone from the USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, or any other logistical provider might attempt to deliver a package at your home. Since a lot of people would rather order items from the comfort of their homes, the nanny is no exception, that’s why it’s important to let your regular letter carrier know that the name Robertson is a good name, because the nanny receives packages also at this address. If you have a name tag in your box, it’s always important to add the last name of the nanny, because if you choose to go by what’s written in your mailbox only, then the mailman, or mail lady will assume that only the Johnson family lives at the address, so adding the last name of Robertson will help delivery personnel recognize that there is more than one name residing at this address. Ordering items from the same company can cause problems if you don’t take the time to look at the name that is printed on the label section of the box. Ebay, Coach, Neiman Marcus are popular amongst shoppers, but the key thing for retailers is to disguise the contents of the package, because if the package has a brand name, then a porch pirate is more than likely going to take the opportunity to steal your brand new pair of Air Jordan’s.
The Nanny must realize that if the Johnson family decides to move, then the Nanny must go to the websites where their information can be updated to change the delivery location from the house on 11700 Dairy Way Road to their actual home on 1900 Skateboard Blvd., this also includes the mail that the nanny was receiving at the Johnson family residence, because all mail that doesn’t have the name Johnson will be returned to the sender, and sometimes for security purposes.