How to control misdeliveries at duplexes!

How to control misdeliveries at duplexes! It sounds like this should be easy to control, but it’s a bigger problem in the logistics world that is often not talked about, until a misdelivery occurs. What is a misdelivery? It’s a item that you ordered from a merchant that is left next door, or on the following street, sometimes often with the same address, but it happens to be on the wrong street. Why does this happen? It could be that the delivery driver thought that they were on Grandberry Street, when they were actually on Fringeberry Street, but you have to look for indicators that could help to let you know that you might be on the wrong street, such as the doormat in front of the door, that might say Singleton family, and the delivery is for the Thomas family, so this should be a red flag that you might not be at the correct house, or street. If your duplex doesn’t have an address on the front to indicate the difference between your property, and your neighbors property putting a name, and number inside of your mailbox can make a difference, for example if you live in unit #A write this inside of your mailbox along with your last name, or your spouse’s maiden name in the event that she might receive mail from her college alumni association, and etc. Purchasing address numbers, or letters at your local Home Depot, or Lowe’s can also make a difference in the event of an emergency, and you have to call 911 for assistance. So remember in some communities if the duplexes are built by the same developer then they might have the same color scheme, and that’s why it’s important to put numbers, and names on your property to control misdeliveries at duplexes. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!