Tips for moving…

At some point in time of our life we will all have to move. What do I mean by that? Well we graduate from high school, and leave home to go to college, join the military, get married, move to another city, or country for a job opportunity, and etc. If you move, your mail should be able to follow you, and here at we’re here to provide you with solutions regarding your move. Sometimes due to the excitement of our move we often forget to put in a forwarding order to change our address to our new location, or destination, and then we wonder why we aren’t receiving our important mail, or packages that we have ordered from various merchants. The answer is quite simple, we haven’t changed our address, nor have we notified our family members of our new address, so your item that you have ordered off of Amazon, or Ebay is shipped to our former address, and we wonder why it was returned to the sender, and if you want the item you have to contact the merchant to tell them why it was returned, and the merchant has to reship the item to you, and they have to recharge you for the shipping because the item was returned depending on the circumstances, and who they shipped the item through. Here at you can update your information anytime, anywhere that you might be in the world, and you can also go into the Present/Past Residents page, and update that you’re the present resident, and you can also fill in the information of the former resident, and can put down how long that they have been gone, so that you will not receive their mail anymore to reduce the hassle of receiving their mail. Let’s be honest everyone isn’t honest, some people throw important mail in the trash, with this feature hopefully credit card merchants, will be able to better their services by using our service, and etc. If you move into a house, condo, apartment, it doesn’t matter, you should always put your name, and all of the residents who will be receiving mail into your box, so that your mailman can see who lives at your residence, and can improve the accuracy of your mail.