Sending packages to your job…

With the boom of ordering items online, many consumers have began to order packages and have them sent to their jobs. There are benefits of ordering online, and having the packages sent to your job. Security is one of the factors, if you order something online, and you have it sent to your job, and your business is closed then the item will not be left, with the exception being that it’s small enough to fit in the door slot if the business has a door slot, in the event that it doesn’t, the item will be redelivered on the next business day. Another factor is the item will not be left outside unlike residential deliveries because of security issues that delivering to a business presents, such as foot traffic, and the item being left out in the open presents an issue for easy theft, because let’s face the facts, everyone isn’t honest.

One issue that having a package sent to your place of business can present is in the event that you relocate, or change jobs, it’s your responsibility to change your information online with vendors, sometimes online shoppers forget to change their information, and your purchase has been delivered to your job that you formally worked at in over 2 years, because sometimes some individuals don’t order every week, and once you confirm your shipping address the item is going to be delivered to the address that you have saved in the system, or database for Ebay, Amazon, and etc. That’s why it’s important to verify your information before you click on the submit button.

At you have the ability to change your information no matter how often you move, if you’re in the military, overseas, your options are unlimited. Here’s to a great week! Questions, or comments, feel free to make them!