Moving, receiving packages, and the importance of the maiden name.

Moving, receiving packages, and the importance of the maiden name. Everyday no matter where one might be in the world, someone is preparing to move to a new city, joining the military, graduating from high school, and attending college in state, or out of state, or staying in the same city, and moving on campus to the college dorm. People order items online from the comfort of their desktop, laptop, or smartphone, and if it’s a website where we have previously ordered items from normally all of our credit card information is stored, so we simply click to confirm our order, and in a matter of days the item arrives at our doorstep, apartment complex, condo, townhome, college, military duty station, and etc. In the event that Sherry Doe decides to get married to Kevin Simpson, and they decide to move from Buffalo, New York to Los Angeles, California in two weeks, both parties need to fill out a change of address form online, or the change of address form that they can receive from their letter carrier, but Sherry doesn’t plan on using her maiden name anymore, she plans on dropping it for her husbands last name of Simpson, so to make this happen she needs to change her accounts where items are auto-shipped from, and change her last name from Doe to Simpson, but to cut out the confusion she should keep the maiden name until she receives new credit cards, and she notifies all friends, and family members that she is making the change, because a relative in London, England could possibly mail a gift, and could spend $50 to ship the item in her maiden name of Doe, only to have the item returned because she filled out the change of address with her new last name of Simpson instead of using her maiden name as well on the form to have her mail forwarded. Ladies if you plan on moving, receiving packages, your maiden name is extremely important during the moving process. More than just a blog!