Moving your mail…

The process of moving can sometimes be challenge, trying to find a good moving company to move your personal possessions to your new location, buying new furniture, trying to make sure that your kids are moving into a good school district, and etc.  The one thing that is sometimes forgotten is your mail in the process.  It becomes a big problem when you don’t receive your paycheck from your job, because you forgot to put in a change of address, or you’re looking for that much needed income tax check.  Some individuals own home based business’, and they submit a change of address for their family, but they forget to include a change of address order for their business, and then they wonder why they’re not receiving checks for their merchant account on Ebay, or any other site where they might have a business account setup at for business. Couples who live together, who are not married often have the same problems when they move, sometimes only one of the individuals will submit a change of address, and months later the one who never submitted a change of address will call to complain about not receiving their mail, when their spouse has been receiving all of their mail.

One of the most important things that a customer can do is to communicate with their letter carrier to inform them that you’re moving, normally they will ask you if you plan on submitting a change of address online, or they can give you the form to complete the process so that you can receive your mail on time, and there is on delay in you receiving your mail, but what about UPS, FedEx, Amazon, and all of the other logistical companies who don’t know that you have moved, or when you plan on moving.  The answer is where you can create your own account, register for free, update your information anytime, no matter where you are in the world for free.  If you have a disability, you’re a day sleeper, or you have children, you can use the special instructions tab to let delivery employees know that you have small children, and to not ring your doorbell, or if you’re disabled it might take you longer to get to the door, so you would also benefit from the special instruction service, which you can find on the registration page.