Using nicknames to receive mail, and packages.

Using nicknames to receive mail, and packages, some might be alarmed at the title, but believe it, or not people actually order items online, and also receive mail using nicknames, or aliases. Why do people do this, one might ask, and it might be a name that someone in your family gave you when you were growing up, or when you joined the military, or someone in your fraternity in college gave you while you pledged to a sorority, or frat club. Nicknames can cause problems if you have your family name inside of your mailbox, and it says Wilson family only, and you receive a letter titled, Stud Muffin, or Beautiful Princess, to name just a few, normally your logistics personnel will attempt the mail, or package to see if it will be accepted, or if it will have a note that states, no longer at this address, or not known at this address, or simply return to the sender. One of the main problems with nicknames is that when you decide to move items with your nickname will be returned to the sender because your legal name is what goes on the change of address form through the Postal Service, unless your nickname has actually became a business name for you, and in that case you would fill out a change of address with your business name, and check business when filling out the form.

Believe it, or not people actually order packages using their first name only, and this might work when you live in a single family home, but it can be a major problem if you live in an apartment complex where there are 50 other residents who share the same name as Amy, and the sender forgot to put your apartment number when you placed your order on their website, so unless you catch the error, and notify the Postal Service, or the delivery merchant, as well as your apartment office, then more than likely your Ebay order will be going back to the seller. The morale to the story is to think twice when using nicknames to receive mail, and packages, it could cause problems with you receiving your deliveries.