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How far will companies go to deliver your packages?

How far will companies go to deliver your packages? Some want you to pay for a subscription service to place a box at your residence to keep the porch pirates from stealing your packages, which is good in a sense, but the misdelivery of packages is a reality. If the barcode is scanned to give access to place the package, and it’s the wrong package at the wrong house, and the customer is waiting for the arrival of the package, and where the item was left is the wrong address then their is a huge problem if the customer where the item was left is out of town for a period of two weeks on business. Can the company go back to the house to retrieve the package? If the customer has a video camera that they can remotely access no matter where they are in the world, will they report this as theft, because they don’t know if the package was misdelivered, unless an email is sent telling them that the item was misdelivered, and it doesn’t belong at their address, so do the zoom in on the package so the customer will feel at ease knowing that this is something that doesn’t belong at their address?

There’s another service where the company will have access to enter your home to leave a package inside of your house. The fee is $250 for the service, but how many people are going to allow someone to enter their home when they’re not at home? If this happens then one would suggest having a security camera inside of your home to document the activities of the delivery driver dropping off your package.

The easiest solution would be for customers to have their packages delivered to their job, the reason, it’s safe, secure, and normally you will get it early, and during business hours, if your job doesn’t have a problem with you receiving items at your place of business. Of course privacy could also play a factor if your ordering something that you might consider to be to personal then, one would suggest having the item sent to your private residence.