The significance of a phone number on a package.

The significance of a phone number on a package can be huge in the event that you may be moving in the future. The revolving door of people moving will never change, people get married, join the military, go to college, move for new job opportunities, and etc., so there will always be a need for moving companies, the need to fill out a change of address form so that you can receive your mail, and packages, but everyone doesn’t always order their items through the United States Postal Service, so when you order an item from a shoe retailer such as Stacey Adams, they might have a deal in place with FedEx as their preferred shipper, and so you click on the order tab, and place your order to order 3 pairs of shoes for an upcoming dinner party at your job, and you also order two pairs of shoes for two weddings that you’re going to be a part of, and on the form you put your phone number in the order form, and you click to confirm your placement of your order. One week later, you still haven’t received your order, and FedEx has confirmed that your order has been delivered two days prior, you moved from your previous address one month ago, but luckily your still in the same city, your shoes have been sitting at your former address for the last two days, and luckily a porch pirate hasn’t stolen them, and your former letter carrier sees the package, and knows that the house is vacant, and that you have moved, so on the package your name is identified with your former address, and below it is a phone number in the area code of the city where you live in, so the letter carrier takes a chance and calls you, and it happens to be the former resident who lived at the address, and you tell the letter carrier that you will come to pick up the item in 20 minutes during your lunch break, so you no longer have to file a claim with Stacy Adams, you simply need to change your auto-shipping address to your new address in the event that you will order anymore items in the near future. The significance of a phone number on a package. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!