Communication goes a long way!

Communication goes a long way, sounds like a bold statement, but it really means a lot when you’re trying to make sure that you’re receiving your mail, and packages. When you order an item online, and you live at 5800 Living Water Dr., and when you put your order in to receive the item, and you receive the package three days later when you requested service for the item to be delivered in 1 day, and you finally receive the item with the address 5801 Living Water Dr., then you can pretty much figure out that the item was delivered to the wrong address, and your neighbor across the street doesn’t know you personally so they held onto the item until the logistics provider picked up the item the next day, or whenever they were notified of the error. If this is an item comes every month, then it’s recommended that you contact the merchant to correct the error, because if you don’t correct the error, then the item will be shipped to the same address the next month that you have entered on the shipping form.

If you have a relative, or friend who is coming to visit from overseas, or out of state, and, etc., and they come to visit, and you have inside of your mailbox only these names receive mail at this address, Smith, and Rhodes, then you need to let your carrier know that your friend Matthew Jones is visiting, and staying with you for one month, and that he will be receiving mail, and packages for the month, so that none of his mail will be returned to the sender, you can accomplish all of these things by using the special instructions tab on www.iwantmymail.com if you’re a member of the site, we cater to your needs. Happy Easter! www.iwantmymail.com