Mail Call

Mail Call is the term used onboard United States Navy Ship’s for individuals in different departments, and divisions to come to pickup mail for their specific division.  This is a great part of the day for the men, and women who serve in the military, because you never know how much a letter, or a care package can lift the morale of an individual, or a simple letter with pictures of a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or children, or family members can make in the difference in a military members day.

When sending items to military members it’s important to put their complete address along with division, FPO/APO, name, rank, etc., because sending an item, overseas without complete details can mean that the item will be returned to the sender if not completely filled out as your service member previously told you.  Billing merchants need to also understand that military members don’t always stay inport, they deploy, and sometimes depending on where they’re at in the world, they don’t always receive their mail on time.

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