Christmas Tip for the Sender

It’s hard to believe that school is already back in session in most places.  With that being said, the holiday season is fast approaching, and I thought that I would take out some time to give some tips to the sender, as well as receivers of mail, or packages.  If you’re mailing a package, always put a return address on the package, because in the event that the item is undeliverable, with no address the item is considered to be dead mail, which is sent to Atlanta, Georgia.  So if your item is something precious, i.e, a keepsake, or collector’s item, then I would recommend that a return address would need to be a necessity.

Also people tend not to keep in touch as much as far as calling is concerned, so if you’re in doubt, or you haven’t talked to a relative, or a friend in quite some time, I would recommend calling them, or emailing them before you mail an item, because they might have moved, and why would anyone want to waste $20-$50 on sending an item that will be returned, because the receiver moved away 5 years ago.  As a registered member of your information is kept safe, and secure, and you’re the individual who can make changes in the event that you get a job promotion, and you move to another state, or city.  You can let your friends know that you have moved, and if they’re registered members as well, they can do a member search on you, and find your email, and then they can verify who you are, and then communication is established, and you receive the correct address to send your mail, or to receive it.  Have a wonderful week everyone!  Questions or comments feel free to reply, or  respond!