The significance of e-mail on a package.

The significance of e-mail on a package can really make a difference in the day and age of delivering packages, although it might be slower than making a phone call, and it make take longer for a response to come through from the recipient, who the message is intended for, because of fraud, and identity theft that we have to deal with not only in the United States, but also around the world. Sometimes when we see a number that we don’t recognize coming to our smartphone, normally we tend to not answer the call, we wait to see if the caller will leave a message in regards to what the call was being made for, before we decide if the message is worth listening to, or we simply delete the message after a couple of seconds of hearing what the caller has to say. The difference with e-mail is we see the message, and what it relates to, such as Laurie Doe, you have a package that was shipped to 14255 Coolriver Dr., however the new resident states that you have been gone for over two years, if you would like for us to deliver your item, please provide us with your new address within 5 business days, or your item will be returned to the sender, from: jeffjones@ups.com, and then you see the UPS icon, along with a 1-800 number that you can call in regards to the email that was sent to your e-mail address at lauriedoe@gmail.com, so now you have a trusted sender in UPS, along with the agent who has sent the email from customer service, so now you have established trust with someone with UPS, Jeff Jones, who is an employee, who works in customer service for UPS. Laurie Doe, makes the call, and her address is updated in the system, and two days later the delivery is made by the UPS driver. Laurie Doe, has only moved away 15 minutes into a new subdivision in the same city, but now she has a different UPS driver, but the e-mail on the package saved the day for both Laurie, and UPS. The significance of e-mail on a package. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog.