Leaving packages in front of an apartment mailbox is a recipe for theft.

Leaving packages in front of an apartment mailbox is a recipe for theft. As we get closer to the holiday season customers, and merchants will be buying, and sending out packages around the world, instead of going into a brick, and mortar to shop, and with the social distancing protocol in effect around the world, customers would rather order items from their smartphone, or their laptop, iPad, or personal computer in the comfort of their home. While everyone doesn’t necessarily always owns a home, when they first move out of their parents home, some people choose to live in an apartment to save up money, until they’re ready to purchase a home. Every apartment complex is different, some allow the delivery personnel to leave packages in the office, so that residents can pickup their item before the office closes, or if they get off from work late, they can stop by the office in the morning to retrieve their item. Some apartment complexes have found this to be inconvenient, and time wasting so many have began to install Luxer One parcel lockers as a solution to fix this problem, so that no matter what time of the day, the resident can go to the Luxer One parcel locker to retrieve their item once they receive a ping on their smartphone indicating which locker that their package is located, and once the resident enters the proper credentials the locker will pop open so that they can retrieve their package, or packages depending if more than one locker is needed to put your packages into the locker, but the thing to remember is that more than one delivery merchant can deliver to the Luxer One parcel locker on any given day.
What should never happen when delivering packages to an apartment complex that doesn’t have a Luxer One locker is leaving packages in front of the mailboxes where customers retrieve their mail, because their is no security to stop a porch pirate from stealing packages left out in the open, most apartment buildings are numbered so if the item doesn’t fit in the mailbox, as a courtesy the package should be delivered to the customers front door, that way if the customer has a Ring doorbell, a Nest, or any other type of security doorbell, the customer has a better chance to catch a porch pirate attempting to steal their package, or packages.
What can the customer do to help the delivery merchant? When the customer orders packages, always make sure to include your first name, and last name, as well as your apartment number, and if the resident can enter a telephone number that would be helpful as well in the event that the customer forgets to put their apartment number on the form when ordering an item online, this will help the resident in being able to receive their package instead of having the package be returned to the sender for an insufficient address. Delivery merchants are appreciated, but remember that leaving packages in front of an apartment mailbox can be a recipe for theft. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!