Unplugging machines, medicine, packages, and mail.

Unplugging machines, medicine, packages, and mail. Sounds like a crazy title, but this is the world that we now live in, and unplugging machines to stop citizens from having the ability to use mail-in ballots to effectively practice social distancing, and vote during the 2020 Presidential election has become a topic around the world, but an even more dangerous game from unplugging machines is that mail is taking longer to get to its destination, and customers are being effected around the country. A customer reported that they mailed a birthday card to a relative in California from Texas that normally takes 3 days to reach, or 4 days max, with a first class stamp on the card, or whatever the appropriate postage is depending on the size of the envelope, and the card took 3 weeks for it to arrive in Los Angeles, California. If it takes a letter that normally should take 3-4 days max to reach the location to where it’s destined to go 3 weeks, then people will begin to use alternate solutions to get their mail sent to the appropriate locations in a faster manner, by using FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other competitors, who will charge more for their service, but will deliver items in a more rapid period of time.
Unplugging machines also has an effect on medicine, veterans depend on getting their medicine on a timely manner, and now that the unplugging of machines has happened around the country, a Pharmacist stated that the VA was having to go to other delivery merchants because the medicine that they were shipping was taking to long to get to the Veteran’s, and sometimes a couple of days can make a difference between life, and death. Some customers are complaining that driver’s license are taking 45-60 days to receive, when in the past the turnaround was less than two weeks, and normally, a permit is only good for 30 days, when most individuals who apply for new driver’s license after going to the Department of Motor Vehicles should receive their new license in less than two weeks after completing all of the required paperwork within the Department of Motor Vehicles. The dangerous thing about driver’s license is that some police officer’s will want to write tickets for an expired driver’s license, when the customer is still waiting to receive their new driver’s license, they will look at the driver’s permit, and say,”30 days have expired, I don’t want to hear it, you’re getting a ticket!”
What is the solution regarding unplugging machines around the country? It’s simple if they’re old, and need to be replaced, replace them, but if they’re functional, plug them back in, people need to be able to vote safely during this pandemic, people need their medicine on time, as well as their packages, and mail. If a label is placed on a package, and a delivery date is promised, it’s up to the delivery service to deliver the item in a timely manner, because with smartphones customers are able to track their shipment from when it leaves the respective merchants facility to when the driver delivers the item to their front door. Unplugging machines, medicine, packages, and mail. More than just a blog!
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