Our customers deserve better!

Our customers deserve better is a pretty bold statement, the reason that I say this is that while walking in the neighborhood, I witnessed a vehicle pull in front of a house, and the individual proceeded to leave the customers package in the middle of the yard. Why would a courier do this? Are they being pressured to make a certain amount of deliveries in a window of time? As I continued to walk down the street, I saw several more packages being left the same way, out in the open to where anyone can walk up, and take the package. If this continues this company is surely going to lose business because customers will pay for good service, and no one likes their items being left out in the middle of their yard, or on the ground outside of their apartment complex. What can be done to stop this? Call the logistics company who delivered the item, and report the incident, and let them know that you’re unhappy about coming home, and seeing your package out in the middle of your yard. This is clearly a safety issue, because often individuals who are hired to pass out flyers in some neighborhoods often carry bags, and sometimes not all of them are honest, and if the opportunity presents, some will take an item that will fit into their bag if they think that no one is looking. My recommendation would be to get a security camera so that you can see your front porch, and possibly from your front door to the curb out in the street, including your yard.

Most couriers know their customers if they deliver on a constant basis, so tell them if you see them where you want your items left, or hidden to prevent theft. The digital age of ordering online is going to continue to provide big business to logistics companies, so it’s important to remember that our customers deserve better, let’s take care of them!