To catch a package thief.

To catch a package thief, sounds crazy, but if you have security camera, your chances are greatly improved if you’re not at home when the delivery is made. Normally thieves will look for signs that might deter them from stealing a package, such as someone being outside of their home when the delivery is being made, or your next door neighbor mowing their lawn, and etc.

Delivery companies should take the time to hide your package if you’re not at home, leaving the package on your front porch steps, will make it easy for a thief to notice that there is no one home if it sits outside, and they observe that you don’t immediately pickup the item once your doorbell is rung, and there are no cars in your driveway, and the USPS carrier, UPS driver, FedEx driver, DHL driver, Amazon driver, and etc., drives off from your home. The catchy thing about delivery service is now that Uber drivers are coming out in their personal vehicles to deliver packages, so they simply leave the package wherever it’s convenient for them to leave it, without wasting time. Amazon drivers are seen running up to houses to deliver packages, so it’s obvious that their time is being rushed, a driver stated that their routes are 10 hour routes, and if they finish early they can go home, but if there’s a mistake such as one number being off then the neighbor across the street could end up with your package, or if they get on the wrong street, and the numbers match the next street over then you don’t have to call Houston to realize that you have a problem.

Invest in a camera to help deter package theft, if you’re going out-of-town try to order an item when you know that you will be at home. www.iwantmymail.com