Wondering why you’re not receiving your packages?

Wondering why you’re not receiving your packages? This is the question that most residents in gated communities, or apartment complexes might ask when they’re tracking their information online, and they’re waiting for the item to be delivered from USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Amazon, or any other logistical carrier. The problem that sometimes occurs with apartments, and gated communities is that the code to get into the gate is changed, and the logistical carrier isn’t notified, so the item will be scanned by the carrier as having no access for entry, or whatever the respective scan is for the logistical carrier. How do you fix this problem? In the special instructions tab of you can enter your apartment code for your logistical carrier, or even your Uber driver to deliver your pizza, or restaurant order, remember if the driver doesn’t have access to your residence, how do you expect to receive your item.

Another problem that exists with some apartments is not having a number to identify the apartments as far as the numbers on the side of the building so that the carrier can see what floor and what apartments are located on the side of the building, if they can’t find your apartment on the side of the building, and it’s a maze for them to try to locate your apartment, or condo, then more than likely you will not receive your item, because the driver doesn’t want to waste 20 minutes trying to find your apartment, when they might be running a tight schedule.

The odd side of the street versus the even side can also be a problem if you don’t identify your properties with the proper address, with Uber drivers delivering packages for some of these drivers don’t necessarily know the difference between 5501 Sky Dr., or 5502 Sky Ln., if there isn’t a number on the side of the building, or sidewalk, there’s a chance that your package will be delivered to the wrong address.