Identifying your address can help you with your mail, and packages.

Identifying your address can help you with your mail, and packages. An address is what identifies where you live, numbers are important in helping a delivery merchant deliver mail to your home as well as packages. Numbers stand out because it’s what the UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL,and USPS carrier will look for when they pull in front of your house to deliver your items that you have ordered off of the Internet. Normally one of the first things that the driver, or letter carrier will do when getting out of their vehicle is to look at your house to see if you have a number to identify your address, normally gold numbers stand out, or it could be the number on the brick of your house with your address on it, if there aren’t any numbers on your house, then the driver will normally walk out to the street to see if the number to your house is painted on the sidewalk such as 3323 Comfort Drive, or if the house across the street is 3324 Comfort Drive, then more than likely the house across the street will be just the opposite, but don’t be fooled by this, because all houses that are directly across from each other might not necessarily match up, so you might have to use common sense, and use the doormat on the house to match up the parcel with the owner of the house, sometimes customers will have their last name on a mat in front of the door of their house, so the last name Anderson will match the name with the address to help you to deliver the package.
What can be done to help with identifying your address so that it can help the delivery merchant with delivering your mail, and packages? Have visible numbers on your house, have your last name inside of your mailbox on your porch, this will help, your last name with your home address, so if the delivery merchant is confused, they can lift the lid, and see your name, and address, and if they’re on the wrong porch, this will help to prevent the driver from leaving the wrong package at your address, although we’re human, and if a misdelivery happens, and your neighbor is next door, they will appreciate if you bring it to their house when they’re at home, leaving it overnight, and writing not at this address will aid a porch pirate in stealing your neighbor’s package. Identifying your address can help you with your mail, and packages.