Answers to Mail & Delivery Issues

I Want My Mail is the perfect answer to your mail delivery issues. Whether you know you are missing mail, are worried about missing mail because you’ve recently moved, or are receiving someone else’s mail, we have a solution for you. While the post office will only forward mail for a period of one year, we’ve got you covered—around the world and in any language. I Want My Mail is perfect for those who:

* **Move Frequently.** Moving often? Unfortunately, it is rather easy for the post office to lose track of multiple moves. With I Want My Mail, you can verify that your contact information is correct, and update it at any time. Perfect for military, students, and those whose work takes them around the world.

* **Have Out-of-Touch Friends and Relatives.** Wedding invites, well wishes, and attempts to get back in contact are too often lost in the mail. The post office only forwards mail for a year, so if a dear friend or family member has temporarily lost touch and doesn’t know that you’ve moved, what they send you could get marked undeliverable. Solve this problem with I Want My Mail.

* **Frequently Receive Packages.** While the post office tracks your name, most shippers – UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc. – don’t necessarily keep track of it independently. By using I Want My Mail, you can help your logistics companies ensure accurate delivery.

* **Receive Someone Else’s Mail.** It can be very annoying to have your mailbox filled with someone else’s mail! Use I Want My Mail to report that they no longer reside at your home, so that the mail can be sent to the proper address.

* **Want to Save Yourself (and Others) Money.** Undeliverable letters and packages are expensive. With mailing costs rising annually, tens of millions of dollars are wasted yearly on mailings that are eventually marked “Return to Sender.” Save yourself the headache and the hassle. Use I Want My Mail.

With a simple interface, free updates, and global capability, I Want My Mail is perfect for you. Give us a try and put all of your mail delivery worries behind you!