Voting, mail, and COVID-19.

Voting, mail, and COVID-19. Although 2020 isn’t over, there’s a Presidential election that gives American’s the right to vote, but with COVID-19, and everything associated with the pandemic, standing in long lines trying to social distance will deter a lot of people from going to the polls to vote. What are my other options, you might ask, www.vote.org allows you, the voter to go online, and fill out your information to have an absentee ballot delivered to your home free of charge, all that’s required is that you need to be registered to vote, and fill out the online form with your personal information, and in less that five minutes the registration process will be complete. The thing that’s important to remember is that if you move, you need to take the responsibility to update your information, because you don’t want your absentee ballot going to Long Beach, CA, where you previously lived, and now you live in San Diego, CA, so it’s important to fill out a change of address form online, or you can go to your local Post Office to receive the form if you don’t see your letter carrier out on the street delivering mail. If, and when the absentee ballot comes to your place of residence, don’t lay it to the side with your other mail, because you might forget about it, and potentially miss the deadline that the absentee ballot has to be postmarked in order for your vote to be valid. If you happen to move before the election, and you have time to register, it’s imperative that you go to your local government office to get registered if you prefer to go to your respective polls in your district, and if you decide not to early vote during the grace period that is allowed in the area that you live in. One important thing to remember is that often your driver’s license will have to match your voter registration card, because if it doesn’t you might potentially get turned away, so with the election being less than 100 days away you have time to fix an errors that you might have. Voting, mail, and COVID-19. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!