Separation, it happens in relationships!

Separation, it happens in relationships, unfortunately everyone that establishes a relationship doesn’t always stay in that relationship, and this is just a part of life. Depending on who stays at the residence, by residence, one means, the house, apartment, condo, townhouse, loft, and etc., it’s important that you handle getting your mail forwarded to the right address to avoid any kind of hassle, that could affect your credit, or your former spouse opening up a credit card in your name that you might not know about until the card has been maxed out, because the billing statements are coming to your former residence, and your ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, wife, or husband has decided to get revenge on you by ruining your credit, and if your the primary credit card holder, and they sign up as a joint credit card holder then some credit card companies will lay the blame upon you, which is wrong because it’s fraud, and your signature has been signed without your authorization.

There are steps that you can take to prevent this such as properly filling out a change of address through the Postal Service, and letting your letter carrier know that you’re moving, if your staying identify who is living at your residence, by putting your last name, and whomever else is going to be residing at the residence inside of the mailbox. Contact your merchants to let them know that your address has changed, so that they will no longer send mail to your former address, and on you can create your account for free and register to let friends, and relatives know that you have moved, your information is private, so they can contact you if they’re a registered member as well via email, or your cellphone for communication purposes. Separation, it happens in relationships, but handling your business can benefit you, and can protect you from potential heartache!