We should never forget our children!

We should never forget our children because they truly are the essence of why we live, and why we strive to do better things in this world. One might as why do you make such a statement? The answer is forgetting about them when you move can affect them more than you might know. When we move we submit a change of address through the Postal Service, and normally it’s a family order if you’re married, and have children, but sometimes people remarry, and your child might not have the last name of your spouse , so if your new spouses name is Green, and you submit a family order for the Green family then all of the members of the household with the last name of Green will have their mail forwarded, but your child’s last name is Harris, so if any mail such as a report card, or birthday invitation comes in their last name, their mail will be returned to the sender because the form was never filled out in their name, so this is why we should never forget our children. Maiden name is also extremely important because for some Women who marry they still get mail in their maiden name, maybe it’s something from your alma mater in college, or something in regards to a high school reunion, or a friend is mailing you something from overseas, and they might not be aware of the fact that you have married, and your name has changed, and you forget to include your maiden name on a change of address form, and your friend has spent $60 mailing you a gift from Switzerland, and you moved over one year ago, more than likely the item will be returned to the sender if they put a return address on the package. Here at we believe that our children should never be forgotten, setting up an account is free, you manage, and make changes to your account accordingly, because our life is changing like time is everyday, please remember our children.