You’re only as good as the information that you present!

You’re only as good as the information that you present. Why would a statement like this be made? Well this is in regards to your mail, and
what the USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL, or any other of the other logistical companies who deliver packages, or mail with the USPS knows in regards
to who is residing at your residence. Sometimes people will label their mailboxes with Jones family only, and they happen to move in a relative with
the last name Gibson, and then the delivery personnel send the item back to the sender because you have indicated that there is only one family residing
at the residence with the last name of Jones, another problem that could arise out of this is maiden name, Mr. Jones whose wife Sheila last name was
Thompson before they married, so something comes in her maiden name, and then it’s sent back as well. As a customer you’re very unhappy with an item
being returned that you ordered off of the Internet. Communication, and keeping your information is extremely important so that you the customer will
not have to experience the inconvenience of having an item returned when you’re still the current resident at your address.
We have a solution to your problem, you can register for free at www.iwantmymail.com and you can keep your account up to date in the event that
someone moves into your home, or apartment for the summer, or for only two weeks, you have the power to make changes on a cruise ship in France, or no
matter where you might be in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet you can update your account at your discretion. Knowledge is power, but
information is power as well! Have a great week everyone!


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