Voter Registration Cards, we the people!

Voter Registration Cards, we the people!

Voter Registration Cards, they seem to get popular with every election, and now they’re more relevant than ever.  Voter

Registration Cards are normally sent to your home of record so that you can exercise your right to vote.  They’re very

important, and not having one can get you turned around at the door during an election.  Some people wait until the last

minute to try to find them, and finding your Voter Registration Card is one thing, but they also have to be up to date, signed, and

when you move it’s important that your Voter Registration Card is kept up to date, because showing up to an election

with an address of 10251 Smart Street, when your driver’s license shows that your new address is 240 Joes Way will

produce a red flag, and it could possibly get you dismissed from being able to exercise your right to vote.

The USPS delivers Voter Registration Cards to your address every year, or during the time frame when your old Voter

Registration Card is about to expire.  Most people will often sign the new Voter Registration Cards, and will set them

back outside to be picked up by the Letter Carrier, but they’re for you to keep whenever it’s time for you to go to the

polls to vote, the only exception will be if it’s someone else’s Voter Registration Card, who no longer resides at your

address.  It’s also important to note that your driver’s license must also match the address  on your Voter Registration

Card, with one of the only exceptions being for military personnel, who might be deployed, or overseas.

Keeping your address up to date is extremely important, because it can cause you a disservice waiting in a long line, only

to find out that you will not be able to vote.  www.iwantmymail.com