Using a first name only to receive a package!

Using a first name only to receive a package, sounds like it’s a good idea, but it can cause
problems for you whenever you have moved, and you’re trying to receive your mail that needs to be
forwarded to your current address. When filling out a change of address with the Postal Service, your
first name, as well as last name are always required, along with your street address, city, and state.
If you don’t include your last name, then your address will be considered as being insufficient, so if
you have an Ebay account, as well as an Amazon account it’s important to always include your last name, because
if you move, and you simply have your first name of Ellen, and no last name, then more than likely your item, or
package will be returned to the sender, so if you’re wondering why you’re not receiving your mail, or packages, it
could be because you forgot to include your last name.
The same applies to sending a package to someone, if you send a package to a relative, or someone who has
purchased an item from your Ebay store, then it’s also important to list a return address in the event that the
item is returned to you, the sender. If you put down the wrong address, and some people make this mistake, it’s
important that you list your first name, along with your last name because your Postal Carrier, or UPS driver,
FedEx driver might remember your last name to know where the package might need to be returned to. Printing
legibly goes a long way as well, sometimes the number 3 might look like an 8, so taking the time to print names, and
numbers legibly could help one in getting a package successfully delivered versus a package being returned due to
bad penmanship. www.iwantmymail.com


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