Two names, two addresses, one package, who receives the package?

Two names, two addresses, one package, who receives the package? You’re sitting at home, and browsing on your computer, and you see an item that you want to order off of cookies.com, and so you place your order, and wait for the item to arrive at your address, and your address is 10628 Pickle Dr., Frankenberry, Mo. 49021, and a customer who lives in the same zip code, by the name of Brian Johnson places an order on the same website, cookies.com, and his address is 10628 Wolfberry Dr., Frankenberry, Mo. 49021, so the item is shipped with both addresses on the package, with only the name of Brian Johnson on the package, the item is shipped via the U.S. Postal Service Priority 3 day mail, so who is going to receive the shipment of cookies? By default one would think that since Brian Johnson’s name, and address is on the box that he should receive the item by default, but the carrier catches the error, and gives the item to the Supervisor for inspection to find out who should receive the item, so the Supervisor opens the package, and sees the invoice inside of the box for the recipient whose name is Julie Denshire, who lives at 10628 Pickle Dr., Frankenberry, Mo. 49021. So the Supervisor, takes a sharpie, and crosses out the address on 10628 Wolfberry Dr., and contacts the merchant to let them know that an error was committed, so that they can send Mr. Johnson the box of cookies that he ordered as well. So the company reaches out to Mr. Johnson, and offers him free shipping for his order, and 50% off of his next order on cookies.com, and this particular order of cookies is mailed to him free of charge, mistakes happen in the world of business, and logistics, sometimes it’s the merchant who makes the mistake, and sometimes it’s the customer, but in a perfect world sometimes companies, and individuals don’t like to take the ownership of a simple mistake with a click on the mouse, or keyboard. Two names, two addresses, one package, who receives the package? www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!


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