There’s a car blocking my mailbox…

There’s a car blocking my mailbox is often one of the complaints that customers complain about when they don’t receive their mail.
Unfortunately mail delivery doesn’t necessarily come at the same time everyday, and with the recent boom in parcels that the Postal
Service is delivering due to online ordering, and companies like Amazon, Ebay, and others who do business online, the delivery, or
logistics industry will continue to adjust, and evolve to the change in the business of e-commerce. If you live in a residential
area that has mailboxes on the curves, or Hollywood boxes that your Mailman, or Mailwoman drives up to, it’s the communities
responsibility to inform guests, or friends who visit to park in an area that isn’t blocking the mailboxes that the carrier has to
drive up to in order to put mail into your mailbox, in some cases if the carrier knows that it’s not your vehicle that is blocking
the mailbox, they will get out to put your mail in the box, but depending on their workload, and if they are restricted on their
time, there’s a chance that you might have to wait until the next business day to receive your mail. NDCBU boxes, or clusterboxes
in residential neighborhoods are different because the carrier has to get out of the vehicle to put mail into the boxes, and normally
they consist of at least 12 boxes, of your neighbors on both sides of the street who receive mail. The important thing is to put your
name inside of your mailbox along with your address, because not doing this can affect your mail, and you could possibly receive your
neighbors mail, or a previous residents mail, identify all of the residents who live at your home by their last name, and if you have a
spouse be sure to include their maiden name in case someone sends them something, and to prevent it from being returned. Here’s to a
great week!


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