Staying up to date can always keep you one step ahead!

Staying up to date can always keep you one step ahead is very relevant in the world of life, and the way
that we live it. Receiving, and sending mail is really no different. If you decide to move from your current
address, your Mailman will hold your mail for 10 days, and after the 10 days, all of your mail can be returned
to the sender. People often don’t care until it’s something that they want such as a income tax return check
from the I.R.S., a birthday card, gift card, or a bonus check from your employer, and etc. The concept of
moving doesn’t really have to be hard if we would take out the time to ensure that we have updated all of our
information. How hard is it to fill out a change of address? It doesn’t require a lot of time, but filling it
out properly can make a world of difference for you, and your family.
Ordering items off of the Internet is quite the norm in the digital age that we live in, but having the correct
information in regards to where we live can be the difference between your item going to Indiana, or going to your
new home in California that you now live in since you have been promoted on your job. So filling out a change of address
is an important step, but you might need to update your Amazon accounts, or any other accounts where you might receive
direct shipments every month on products that you order for your home, such as diapers, dog food, candy, and etc. UPS,
FedEx, Amazon, DHL, and other shippers might not be aware of you moving the way that the Postal Service might know so
staying up to date can always keep you one step ahead!


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