Some property owners are switching over to Airbnb.

Some property owners are switching over to Airbnb, because they see a profit in being able to charge
more to individuals who are looking to come to a city for a five day vacation versus an individual paying
rent once a month. Although it looks like a good idea, it can present problems for a resident looking to
vacation in Miami for one week, and they live in Gary, Indiana, and they receive an auto-shipment on a
weekly basis from Amazon.com, and so while in Miami they receive the order, and forget to change the
auto-shipment location back to Gary, Indiana. The landlord of the 8 unit complex hasn’t informed you
that they have switched 3 of the units to Airbnb properties, so the Letter Carrier, UPS driver, FedEx driver,
Amazon driver all assume that someone new has moved into the apartment, but more than likely since the Letter
Carrier comes on a daily basis, and they interact more with the residents then they will more than likely
know that there’s going to be someone different staying at apartment 3 on a weekly basis because the landlord
is looking to make a profit with three of their units instead of the other 5 units that have tenants who are
paying rent on a monthly basis. As a driver it’s important to look for signs that an apartment, or unit might
be vacant such as no curtains, or if boxes are sitting at the door with no longer here, or vacant written on
If you use the auto-ship feature remember that it’s your responsibility to switch your account back to your
original address, because if you receive an item once every week, and you don’t receive it, chances are great
that your item could be in Miami being delivered to resort where you stayed at last week.


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