Pay attention to your keyboard!

Pay attention to your keyboard! Sounds crazy, but one mistake can make the difference in your
package being returned to the sender, or you receiving the items that you ordered 3 days, or even
a week later than the scheduled delivery date, because your regular letter carrier could be on vacation
for the week. The address 6025 Goodberry Street, can be accidentally entered on your keyboard as
6205 Goodberry Street, and once you click on the confirmation to order the item then your item
will be going to the address that you entered on the order confirmation form, so depending on the
address of 6205 Goodberry Street being an actual valid address then the item will be delivered to
that address, but if it’s invalid then it will be returned to the sender, although there are other
factors, such as the zip code the item could go to a different zip code, because Goodberry Street
could stop at the 6000 block in one zip code, and the 6100 block of Goodberry Street could pick up
a different zip code, and if this is the case the letter carrier will not be familiar with your
last name, and the item will be returned, but if the two different Post Office’s communicate then
the item could be sent to the other zip code, and the regular letter carrier can figure out that
that the resident made a typing error, and they know that the package should be delivered to
6025 Goodberry Street. This is the uniqueness in the Postal Service that you will find hard to
find in any of the other logistical providers, it’s the door to door service, and once you deliver
to a house on a daily basis you remember names better than delivering to an address maybe once a
week, or every two weeks, not to take away from any of the other logistical providers. The next
time before you click to confirm an order pay attention to your keyboard! www.iwantmymail.com


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