No name, no mail…

When we move to our new destination often, some of the first things that we do are to find out where
the grocery stores are in the neighborhood, where the schools are if you have children, where the post office
is located so that we can find out about our mail, and what is the status of you receiving it, who is your
Mailman, FedEx driver, and UPS driver, and where are the mailboxes located so you can get your mail. It’s always
amazing to wonder why people seem to think that if you don’t have your name in your mailbox, then your Mailman
will assume that no one is residing at your residence, an indicator is often a card that will ask you to leave your
last name in your mailbox. We sometimes ignore this simple request when the Mailman is telling you in so many
words, no name, no mail. If you live in a residential property it’s a good idea to put the last names of all of
the residents who are going to be residing at the address because often sometimes residents allow friends or relatives
to move in temporarily, or long-term, and on the inside of the mailbox you have all of the current residents and you
state these names only, i.e., Jones, Hartman, and Sanders, but you forget to list Smith, and they have a package, and
their name isn’t listed, then the package will be returned to sender, the best thing for any resident to do is to
establish a relationship with your logistics personnel, get to know them, and maybe they can save you money on sending,
receiving letters, or packages. If you have special preferences regarding ringing the doorbell, or a disability, fill
out the special instructions tab on the registration page. Remember, if you don’t put your name in the box, there will
be no mail. Here’s to a great week!


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