Some people are beginning to order items online, and are only using their first name only, I’m unsure if this is for security purposes, but
if your Mailman is going by your last name only then you could have a problem, because your item could be returned to the sender, but if they’re
familiar with your first name then you could receive your item without a problem. If your address is incomplete then it could be a problem because
some Mailmen, or logistics companies might only know you by your last name, and if your address is insufficient then your item could be returned to the
sender, and then there’s a problem with the merchant who has billed your credit card for the item that you have ordered, and haven’t received, so the
best thing to do is to verify your name, address, shipping address, along with your zip code, because if one item is off it could affect you receiving
an item that you might be waiting for in order to take a trip such as a credit card, passport, plane tickets, and etc.
Another growing trend in neighborhoods, is for a family member to move in a friend, or a relative, and inside of your mailbox you might have the
Smith family only, but your friend who has moved into your home, or apartment has the last name of Johnson, and they order an item off of Amazon, and your Mailman,
or logistics company driver might assume that only the Smith family lives at your residence, and then the item is returned to the sender because your
Mailman only knows one name that lives at the address. It is your responsibility to update the person who delivers your mail, or packages if something
regarding your mail changes. Remember your last name matters, use it wisely. Here’s to a great week!


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