Love thy neighbor!

Love thy neighbor!

Love thy neighbor, sounds like a bold statement, but really your neighbor can help you more than you will ever know.  Are you going

out of town on business, and ordering items off of the Internet?  You request for your shipping to be one day shipping, but you’re out

of town for one week on business, you continue to find deals on the Internet, and you continue to order items.  Soon packages begin

to pile up on your porch, and there are individuals who pass out solicitation filers who take notice to packages piling up on your porch, and

soon they can figure out that you’re out of town, and your packages are fair game, they notice that you don’t have a camera, so they feel safe

walking onto your porch like they live at your residence, and start loading up your packages into their automobile, or mode of transportation,

some people are even so bold to backup into your driveway to load up your packages into their car.

Having a good neighbor, and establishing communication can help in that you let them know when you’re traveling out of town, and when you’re

expecting a package, notify them to go to your house to pick up the package, and hold the items until you return home from your business trip, or from

your vacation, or your deployment from the military, and etc., communication is key, and having your neighbor park their car in your driveway while

your out of town can also deter theft in that a thief doesn’t know what you drive, unless it’s someone who you personally know, who happens to know your

schedule.  With the special instructions tab on www.iwantmymail.com you can personalize your options, as far as telling the delivery merchant to hold your

package, or deliver, or leave the item at your neighbors house.  Love thy neighbor, it can really benefit you!  Happy New Year!  www.iwantmymail.com