Do they live at your house, or apartment?

Do they live at your house, or apartment? This is the question that your Mailman might often ask when they see a new name at your
residence. It’s your responsibility to keep new names updated at your residence if you want to continue receiving mail, because if
you have the name Hill only inside of your mailbox, then it will be assumed that only the last name of Hill receives mail at your
residence, so if your Wife orders an item off of Ebay in her maiden name of Simpson, then don’t be surprised if your Mailman returns
the item to the sender because you have stated that there is only one name at your residence. Some families hire full-time nannies
to take care of their children while they work a full-time job, and sometimes the nanny will order items that will come to your home,
it’s the families responsibility to inform, or update their information if the nanny will be receiving mail, in the event that something
might come to your house in their name, i.e., Garcia that could possibly be returned to the sender.
The past and present residents tab allows you to make changes, update your account 24/7 no matter where you might be in the world,
simply fill out the registration form, and if you have special instructions such as not wanting your door bell rang early in the morning,
you have the option to fill out the form which will then notify logistics companies not to ring your door bell early in the morning, or if
you have a disability, and it takes you longer to get to your door, it will inform them to wait longer for you to answer your door. At
www.iwantmymail.com you have options, we’ve got you covered! Have a great week!


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