Your last name truly identifies who you are!

Your last name truly identifies who you are! This statement is more important than you think that it might
mean because it’s the only way that you will be able to receive your mail in the event that you move, no matter
how often, no matter where you might decide to move in the world. Being a service member in the Armed Forces is
how you are identified, by your last name, so if your name is Matt Jones, and you’re a Marine Corps General, you’re
referred to on your name tag, and your uniform with your last name, Jones, and the four stars will identify you as
General Jones. If General Jones moves from the Pentagon to take over as the Commander of U.S. Forces Europe, then
he must fill out a change of address, and his last name will be the key to him receiving his mail, so if he is going
by himself, he will fill out an individual order only, but if his spouse is going with him then he must fill out an
entire family order so that all of his mail, along with his family members mail will be forwarded as well.
People often mail items to relatives, and friends, and they sometimes only put the first name of the individual, and
this will work if the address is correct, but if the address is wrong, you will take a chance on the item being returned
to you, and the main factor in this regard will be if you put your name, and address on the letter, or package, etc.
Sometimes first names are also last names for family members, and someone across the street can share your last name
as a first name for example Benjamin Tyson could live at 5838 Williams Way, and across the street is Tyson Wilson, who
lives at 5839 Williams Way, so if you order a package from Amazon.com with just Tyson on it, and 5800 Williams Way, which
doesn’t go to either resident, then you take a chance on your USPS personnel, or logistics personnel trying to attempt the
item possibly at the wrong address. Your last name truly identifies who you are, here’s to a great week!


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