Income tax, when your mail matters the most!

Income tax, when your mail matters the most! This is the time of the year when people wait patiently on
the W-2 from your employer to arrive at your place of residence. Some W-2’s come early, and some employers
wait until the deadline of January 31, to mail the forms to their employees. Why does your address matter?
Well it’s where you reside, and having the correct address goes a long way if you want to be able to file, and
receive a refund for the year that you have worked so hard, and paid your taxes for. So if you have been living
at 2107 Treetop Lane, and your employer has been entering 21075 Treetop Lane for the entire year, and you haven’t
corrected the error, then it can be a serious problem if your regular letter carrier is on vacation when your W-2
is mailed from your employer, and your W-2 is returned to the sender because there isn’t an address such as
21075 Treetop Lane, and now you might have to wait an additional 2-3 weeks for the employer to receive the returned
mail to correct the mistake with your W-2.
When you go to your tax preparer make sure that you print your information legibly because a zero can be mistaken
for the letter O, or an S can be mistaken for the number 5, so always review your information carefully when the tax
preparer asks you if everything is correct, because if there’s a simple mistake as simple as your name being Smith, and
the preparer enters your name as Smyth, and you have moved to a new address, and your income tax check goes to your
old address, and if your name isn’t corrected as being Smith instead of Smyth, then it’s easy to see that your check could
possibly be returned, so remember income tax, when your mail matters the most, stay alert fix errors, correct any mistakes
that you see early and often. www.iwantmymail.com


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