If it doesn’t look right, please don’t open it!

If it doesn’t look right, please don’t open it! Sounds crazy doesn’t it! It was left at my house, perhaps it has
money in it, or some fancy clothes. The package has no name on it, no address, it has a oily residue on it, the box
has a ticking sound like a clock, there are wires protruding from the package, these are all signs that what was left
at your house could be a potential bomb. If you see something like this call 9-1-1, or your local police department.
Don’t try to handle the package by yourself, and please don’t pick it up, because it could go off as soon as you touch
it, get someone who is an expert at your home to handle the package, evacuating your home could also be the smart thing
to do, because the impact of a bomb could be extremely powerful, and you never know the impact of what a bomb could do.
Unfortunately all neighborhoods don’t have neighborhood watch associations, but if you see something suspicious such
as an individual sitting in front of a house, and looking around to see if anyone is present, and walking up to a house
with a package, without a scanner, not ringing the doorbell of the resident, and not having a uniform or badge to identify
who they are then this could be a sign that the individual could be up to no good. Also if the car has no license plate,
the person is trying to shield their identity, they’re checking to see if the resident has a security camera, these are
signs to look out for a potential threat.
Delivery personnel often move packages to place their package in a certain area on a porch, if you encounter seeing a
package with no name, address, or it looks suspicious don’t touch it, or try to move it, because you could trigger the item
as well, notify your supervisor, or let the resident know as well that something doesn’t look right, you could save a life, or
your very own in the process. www.iwantmymail.com


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