If a package can be seen, it can be stolen.

If a package can be seen, it can be stolen, sounds like a bold statement, but in reality, a package that is left
out in the open can be easily stolen, versus a package hidden on a porch, completely out of site. With less
than 90 days left before Christmas, customers will be ordering more packages online than any other time of
the year, customers would rather order items online than deal with the hassle of going to a shopping mall
to purchase items when they can order from the convenience of their home, or their smart phone while they’re
waiting on their flight at an airport.
It’s always alarming to drive by a home, and see a package sitting in the middle of a yard, or on the
sidewalk in broad daylight, when something like this happens, this can only attract the attention of a porch
pirate, or a thief looking for an easy opportunity to steal an item, and if you don’t have a camera, or ring
alarm system, or some type of security camera a thief will not be caught. If they don’t see a car in your
driveway, or a camera on your doorsteps above your door, then chances are they will be even bolder to attempt
to walk onto your porch as if they’re the owner to steal your package.
What can be done to prevent your packages from being stolen? Have a security camera installed at your home
if possible, communicate with your neighbors to watch out for your house if they happen to see a logistics driver
leave a package at your home, contact any of the logistics providers to let them know that a driver left a package
out on the curb instead of on your porch. If you witness package theft happening, call the police, don’t try to
challenge a thief because you don’t know if they could be possibly armed with a weapon. Stay safe, and remember, if
a package can be seen, it can be stolen. www.iwantmymail.com


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