Holiday cards, keeping in touch during the holiday season!

Holiday cards, keeping in touch during the holiday season! This is the time of the year when we normally reach out to relatives, and
friends, that we quite possibly might haven’t had contact with in one year, or even longer. You, and your family have moved from
Cleveland, Ohio to Los Angeles, California, and you want your old buddy from the Army to know that you now have a new address so
send a Christmas card to Orlando, Florida, the last address where you sent your friend a Christmas card to 5 years ago, only this time
your friend, and old Army buddy Jim Smith has taken on a new job, and has moved his family to Seattle, Washington 4 years ago. You send
the Christmas card off anticipating that Jim will respond with a Christmas card in his reply, but one week later the Christmas card is
returned to the sender with the stamp that reads, forwarding order expired. At this point your devastated because you don’t have Jim’s
email address, and his cell phone number has changed.
With www.iwantmymail.com you control your own account, you can update your account 24/7/365, if you make a mistake you can immediately
correct that mistake in real-time, if you choose to make your account private you also have the ability to do this as well, if someone
who you know is trying to locate you in the database, you will be contacted before the user will be able to get in contact with you to
protect your privacy.
An important tip regarding holiday cards is to refrain from writing things on them that might trigger off thieves such as, birthday
gift card enclosed, money for your birthday, don’t ever send money in a card, you’re rolling the dice, and the Post Office will not insure
an item like this. Holiday cards, keeping in touch, during the holiday season! www.iwantmymail.com


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