Having a change of heart…

Having a change of heart sometimes happens in relationships, or jobs when we make a decision to get a promotion, and after
a few days on the new job, we decide that we have made a mistake, and want to see if our old job is still available. This
often happens with our mail, a couple will have a disagreement, and a breakup will take place, and one of the individuals
in the relationship will decide to move out, and will put in a change of address, and less than one week later there will
be a reconciliation, and the party who moved out of the house, or apartment will move back into the former residence. When
this happens it’s important that your information is updated, because your mail will go to the address that you forwarded
it to when you decided to move out if you don’t update it. So you will need to cancel your forwarding order through the
Postal Service, and one would also suggest that you update your Amazon, and Ebay accounts as well as your credit card
accounts because your mail will go to where you have updated your information. This website, www.iwantmymail.com
will serve as a backup in the event that you have family and friends who might not know that you have moved, and
if they’re also a member, or subscriber they can locate you, and connect with you.
There are some facilities that provide mail services for UPS, FedEx, DHL, that offer mailbox services that you need to
be careful of when you sign an agreement to have your mail sent to their location, a customer complained that his mail
wasn’t being forwarded, because the business said that the customer owed money in that case the Postal Service can’t be
blamed for your dispute. Having a change of heart can be good for all parties, but please be careful, and choose wisely!


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