Employers mailing out W-2 forms with their former address.

Employers mailing out W-2 forms with their former address. This happens more than what we would like to think, but businesses normally move, because it’s the end of their lease, their former landlord has sold the property to a new owner, and if the tenant is on a month to month lease then if they don’t agree with the new owners rental increase, then they decide to find a new location, and vacate the premises. During this time of the year employees wait for their employer to send out their W-2 forms so that they can go to the tax preparer of their choice to get their taxes done before the deadline of April 15, unless you request an extension for a later date to submit your taxes to the I.R.S., and they receive your request, and grant permission for the extension to be carried out. Employers that move, after you submit, a change of address for your company, it’s important to use your new address so for example if your old address was 9755 Maplegreen Rd., Camden, Arkansas 71701, and you move your business to 1855 Hogs Way Blvd., Fayetteville, Arkansas 72702, then you would need to use your new address when mailing out W-2 forms to your employees, because in the event that one of your former employees decides that they don’t want to leave Camden, Arkansas, but they move, and don’t submit a change of address, then the W-2 form that you submitted will be returned to the sender, and if you used the old address at 9755 Maplegreen Rd., instead of the new address at 1855 Hogs Way Blvd., then your mail will bounce around, and it will go back to your old address, and if you failed to submit a change of address for your business then the W-2 form that you mailed out to your former employee, will become dead mail, and the Postal Service will handle the mail accordingly at a facility in Atlanta, Georgia. Remember if you order items off of the internet, you must update your account to let merchants know that you have moved, because auto-shipment will continue until you update your account. Employers mailing out W-2 forms with their former address. www.iwantmymail.com More than just a blog!


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